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November 22, 2021

We are proud to announce that we are now offering several of our products on the South Central PA Market Wagon website! Market Wagon is a company that partners with local farmers and business owners to offer their products through a delivery service to local customers.

How it works: You place your order by Tuesday evening, and your items are delivered straight to your door step on Thursday afternoon! They are delivered in insulated bags with ice packs, always ensuring that your refrigerated items are properly cooled at all times. Then the next Thursday, you set out the empty bags from the previous week, and the delivery driver will take those bags when he leaves your new order. Kind of like the old days when you'd leave your empty milk jars on the porch and the milkman would pick the empty jars up when he dropped off your new jars of milk.

We are very excited for the new opportunities this venture will bring! You can check out our vendor profile by clicking here. You can also view our available products by clicking here.